Seafood lovers in Northumberland are joining others in the UK to take part in Seafood Week.

The Old Boat House Food Group celebrates Seafood Week from Friday 5 October to Friday 12 October 2018.

Martin Charlton, of the award-winning The Old Boat House Food Group who run The Old Boat House and Fish Shack in Amble and Blyth Boathouse is running a number of special dishes and promotions across its restaurants to mark the occasion. They include daily specials focusing on a different seafood species every day.

The Old Boat House Food Group has been part of the local seafood scene since 2013 and is inviting consumers to join them during Seafood Week to discover and enjoy some of the huge range of seafood available in the UK. The event, which is supported by key players in the seafood sector, is run by Seafish, an organisation working to secure a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the UK seafood industry.

Leanne Muldowney Marketing Manager of Seafish said, “This year marks the 4th annual Seafood Week, and we are delighted to provide a useful platform for businesses, which is both beneficial to the seafood industry and brings people together. In previous years, the initiative has successfully increased sales and driven seafood consumption, and we hope that this year, businesses will continue to get involved and help us further increase these figures.”

The Old Boat House Director Martin Charlton said, “We’ve always been incredibly passionate about seafood, particularly when it comes to promoting fresh, local catches and sustainable species. Seafood Week really gives us the chance to shout about all the great produce we have here in Northumberland and the UK.”